Online Membership System (OMS) will remain open

- 6/4/2020

Dear Department Officers & National Council Members:

Please note that on Tuesday, June 30th, the Member Service Center will process all membership mail that it has received (physically in house)  for that day or called/FAXED in by close of business (4:30pm Central Standard Time (CST)). 


The Online Membership System (OMS) will remain open for membership submission until June 30th  at 6:30pm CST.  Please be sure to advise all Posts to submit their final membership information by then.  Shortly after 6:30pm, all membership processing will shut down so we can begin the year-end processing.

As in the past, IT will require a short period of time to reconcile our final year-end processing and will keep you posted as to when the systems will be returned online in early July.